The Balcony of SBSC

The Balcony of SBSC The wind steals like a thief through the gaps in the railings: rusty, neglected, empty of children and childhood squeals. The paint flakes into old waterproof chairs the crouch, trailing secrets with dignified silence. Proud, like martyrs, they reveal a past lost in a thousand storms. Hunched like fishermen with their […]

This Shattered Scene – May, 2003

This Shattered Scene To live is like the silent, grasping breath:a plume of smoke fading into the skylike the stuttered, staggered, stunted deathof a butterfly in glass. The low sighof a moaning wind. The old empty dreamsrattle like tin-cans on faded playgrounds,old photographs shredded to ripping seams,old letters now nothing but empty soundsmouthed to an […]

Introducing the poems

I’m trying to revisit these poems in chronological order, and I’m going to try and include as much information as I can about the context of the poem, what inspired me and other details. Most of my earlier poems are inspired by teenage boyfriends, leaving home, and other coming-of-age emotions that one only experiences once. […]